How To Get The Perfect Blow-dry At Home

by Madeleine Borgersen

I have super fine hair but masses of it. So I had to learn pretty quickly how to handle a hair dryer. Here are my top tips for how to get the perfect blow-dry at home!

How To Get The Perfect Blow-dry At Home

Note: It’s raining today so my hair is a little frizzier than normal, tis all good!

1. Protect, Protect, Protect!

Believe me, I’d love to look like Dolly Parton every day but I know for a fact that I’d be doing it with a wig. Before you grab the dryer remember these two things:

  1. Use a protectant cream, gel or spray. No it doesn’t matter if it’s just a quick blow dry. You’re about to send your hair out to the local pool for 8 hours at 45 degrees. You’re going to come back burnt without it, and those burns last. I love the Cement Thermique by Kerastase.
  2. Wait until your hair is 80% dry. Trust me, you can’t style wet hair. So to prevent putting undue heat and stress on the hair; wait until your hair is 80% dry either by getting glamorous and wrapping your head in a towel while dancing to Sugar Ray or use a micro-fibre towel to dry it off as much as you can beforehand.

2. Product up baby!

Nothing helps a blow-dry like a bit of product. A good volumnising mousse or spray (or both!) will not only give your blow-dry that salon-perfect bounce but also help it to last longer, and that’s what we’re all after – yeah? I’m using the Label M Blow-Out Spray but there’s plenty of options out there!

3. Section it out

Section your hair into 4-8 equal sized portions before you start. Your hair will dry more quickly and you’ll be able to actually see what you’re doing. If you have a fringe, section this off separately too as you’ll tackle it by itself at the end.

3. Brush vs Hands

If you’re not looking for a super voluminous look and have well-behaved hair you might be able to just dry out your locks with your fingers separating the hairs. If not brush type is key.

A large barrel brush will give you a straighter finish. A mid-to-small sized round brush is going to give you more curl and bounce. I’m using a large barrel brush by S Factor today. Whichever tool you’re choosing to use there’s a few key things to remember:

  • Temperature is king. You don’t have to turn your blow-dryer on full blast. It won’t actually dry the hair any better but it will cause you to lose vision 42 times during the blow-dry due to locks catapulting towards your face. Amp up the temperature and keep the fan low to have more control over your dry.
  • Dry roots to ends. Wrap your hair around the brush (if using one) and hold the nozzle of the dryer to the roots. When they’re dry pull the brush out and up (Down will decrease volume!) drying off the mid-lengths and then finishing with the ends. Try your best to dry your hair from underneath and directed towards the end of the hair to encourage volume and discourage frizz!
  • Tension is queenEver wondered why stylists are a bit rough with you while blowdrying? It’s all about the tension when styling. The tighter your brush is to the hair the more likely it is to keep that shape when heated. If you’re loosely holding the hair in a specific shape, prepare for a loose style.

4. Top it off

Once you’ve finished the base layers of your hair you’ll be left with the crown of your locks, the top circle that would be bald if you were a monk. This section is going to be the most noticeable in your finished look so this isn’t a dress rehearsal ladies! Dry these locks off up and away from your face (so that when they’re back in place, they’ll look even more voluminous). If you have a certain part push your hair to the opposite direction and dry the hair so that when it comes back to it’s normal position, you’ve actually dried from underneath and you’ll have hair to rival Gina.

If you’re one sporting a fringe, dry off this now before moving on.

5. Cool it down

Once your hair is dry switch the dryer to the coolest setting and go over your top layer of hair once more, slightly twisting the brush at your front sections to give you a slight curl. Cooling the hair down will set the hair into this shape just like a popsicle! Magic!


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