How To Perfect Your Platinum Hair

by Madeleine Borgersen

Inspired by Jared Leto or Kim Kardashian’s new platinum blonde locks? Thinking of a little light change yourself? Here are our top tips to perfecting that platinum!

How To Perfect Your Platinum Hair

1. Have it Done by a Pro

Pulling off a platinum do is not a home dye job. Head to a professional for a consultation and a plan of attack – especially if you’re going from dark brown to platinum a la Kim Kardashian or Jared Leto.

Been home dying for years and not sure who to trust with the perfect platinum do? For a truly fabulous blonde (they’re responsible for Lara Bingle’s gorgeous head of hair) you cannot beat Edwards & Co in Sydney and Melbourne.

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  2. peroxidefox says:

    Really nice post. I don’t think I’m ready to go platinum just yet, but these tips are great advice for almost any big colour change.

    Much love,

    Emily❭❭ peroxidefox

  3. blogrekindled says:

    I really enjoy the Fudge violet shampoo and conditioners too 🙂