Pricey vs Priceline: Sea Salt Spray

by Madeleine Borgersen

Sea salt sprays are the lazy girls dream product! Just spritz some onto damp hair and either leave the windows down on the way to work or give yourself a quick, rough hair dry and you’re ready to rock some serious beachy waves!

Pricey vs Priceline: Sea Salt Spray

1. Pricey – Bumble & Bumble – Surf Spray – $39

Bumble & Bumble have amazing hair products. This one in particular is renowned for being one of the best sea-salt sprays out there. It not only creates perfect ‘day at the beach’ waves but combines it with sea botanicals to nourish and protect your locks at the same time. It lasts for multiple days so perfect for anyone that wants to style their hair once per wash.

2. Priceline – Toni & Guy – Sea Salt Spray – $15.99

A fantastic product that doesn’t make your hair feel like a CocoPops box – if you’re a sea salt spray user now you’ll understand exactly what I mean! I’ve found it only really lasts the one day but it does a really good job of that day.

The Verdict:

B&B’s is perfect for anyone that’s worried about the current condition of their hair and so is being good and washing less regularly and styling even less so. With the extra botanicals it really does a great job at adding nourishment whilst making the hair look amazing. For anyone else, grab the Toni & Guy! At less than half the price it does exactly what a Sea Salt Spray should do and it does it very well!

10 responses to “Pricey vs Priceline: Sea Salt Spray”

  1. Molly McCollum says:

    I was literally looking at the B&B Surf Spray last night wondering if I should spring for it. So glad to run across this today…thanks for the great info!

    • How’s B&B priced in the states? I need to start writing a shopping list for September haha! Did you hear Sydney is getting a Sephora 2015?

      • Molly McCollum says:

        Even with the exchange, it is about $12 cheaper here (without tax.) I think a list would be a great idea. There’s a Sephora in the mall about 10 minutes from here…you could do some serious shopping! I didn’t know you didn’t have one there- I have been taking it for granted!

        • Yeah I thought it would be. It will be interesting to see how the Sephora pricing compares when it opens! Also – so excited for that mall Lachie made sure he told us all about it to prepare ourselves hah!

          • Molly McCollum says:

            Haha! I am glad to hear he did that already. We’ve got two slightly “higher end” malls a little closer to ATL, too! Keep them in mind should you need to get some island-wear. 😉

          • Oh gosh! Don’t even talk about it. We’re working so hard at the moment I am so looking forward to the whole trip!

  2. i’ve got the sea salt spray from lush, and i find that it gives me a bit of a crunchy feel is that normal?? i might experiment with other brands but this post was good so i know whats out there!

  3. I love, love, love the BB sea salt spray!