Fix Flat Hair: Reverse Shampoo

by Madeleine Borgersen

Sick of your hair filling limp and flat? Try reverse shampooing, or conditioning first. The perks of using your conditioner first are mostly to do with holding those cleaner looks for longer, and not having a heavy, nourishing conditioner weighing down those ends. Here’s how to do it!

Fix Flat Hair: Reverse Shampoo

Reverse shampoo means that you condition before shampooing. Sounds weird yeah?

It’s not a totally new concept though. There are tonnes of hair treatments on the market now that play on the same principal. They are applied to dry hair for a few minutes or hours and then washed out.

Pre-Shampoo treatments like Phillip Kingsley’s are popular both for convenience, less jumping in and out of the shower, and also to give the hair some loving before it’s stripped by your shampoo.

Reverse Shampoo, or conditioning your hair prior to shampoo’ing is especially great for those of us with fine or limp hair. Heavy, nourishing conditioners, that we love, can often weigh the hair down causing it to lack volume.

These heavy conditioners can also mean product build up, which means oiliness, which means dirtier hair, faster. Washing out your conditioner completely with a good shampoo can mean your locks are squeaky clean and ready to take on the world.

Definitely give it a try if you’re wanting to give those locks a shake up without ditching your current shampoo conditioner combo all together.


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