How to Use Sea Salt Sprays for Perfect Summer Hair All Year Round

by Carla Horvath

Not all Sea Salt Sprays are alike, so we’ve chatted with celebrity hairstylist Jenny Kim to learn the ins-and-outs of this cult classic beauty product.

What type of hair is best suited to use a Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray can be great for most hair types. You just have to tweak the application depending on the result and length of hair it is being used on.

For example, on short or fine hair I would use the Sacha Juan Ocean Mist sparingly and from root to ends to give height and definition. On longer thicker hair you can use the
and really load it up to the mid-lengths and ends to give a bit of texture and separation.

Do you prep with this product (before blow dry) or use it to complete your style?

It really depends on the product.  Something lighter like the evo salty dog is great to give the hair a little bit of a ‘swell’ when used on wet hair before drying. Oribe’s Apres Beach (a personal favorite of mine) is better as a finishing product because it has an added shine element. This gives you that beautiful result that almost looks like you’ve been swimming but then maybe a bit of sunscreen has gotten on your ends.

What are your pro tips for applying?

I think some products need time to ‘marinate’ in the hair in order to do what it needs to do and sea salt sprays are a perfect example of this. If you are looking to create A LOT of texture, try styling first then spraying in some sea salt from the roots to ends, let it settle in for a couple minutes and then give it a quick blast with the blowdryer to almost activate the product.

How do you get the Victoria Secret’s hair?

Almost no product will give this look without heat styling. Instead, use Oribe Foundation spray on damp hair to prep which helps to even out porosity in the hair. Then roughly blow-dry and a little bit of tonging (I love my Cloud Nine Waving Wand) for movement and a kiss of Oribe Après Beach for definition.


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