Halo Styling Tools

by Madeleine Borgersen

I’ve been in the market for a curling iron for some time.

Do I go the BaByliss, the Cloud 9, the ALDI?! I really don’t know.

In my research I came across a new Australian brand of heat styling tools, Halo.

Halo Styling Tools currently offer six different styling tools – 2 straighteners, 3 curling irons and 1 blowdryer. Each is named after a different glamazon and each has their own unique style.

What drew me to this brand was two four fold:

  1. The packaging and website was amazing. Anyone that invests time into their brand gets a big tick from me.
  2. They had easy how-to videos on their site, so I knew I would get it home and go ‘now what?’
  3. They use a new Japanese ceramic technology called Kyocera. This new technology protects and mends the hair as you style. Big plus!
  4. It came with a heat-proof styling glove. Weird but totally useful for gals like me that have no hand-eye co-ordination. No burns!

I’ve used it a few times now – I’ve only had to use it once per wash as the curls really hold on! I’ve also noticed for some strange reason my hair doesn’t tangle as much with these curls as it does with my straightener curls. Could this also be this Japanese Kyocera magic?!

Do you have a favourite heat styling tool? What is it and what do you love about it?

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