How to Contour with Blush, For a Softer, Thinner Face

by Madeleine Borgersen

Have you shied away from contouring because it looked a little too scary? The new trend in defining your features uses blush instead of the more extreme dark bronzers to bring dimension to the face with a gorgeous spring glow.

How to Contour with Blush, For a Softer, Thinner Face

Contouring with blush gives you a softer finish whilst still adding dimension and definition to slim down your face.

If you’re trying to lighten your look for Spring and Summer, replacing your usually brown contour with a rosy pink can make a real difference.

Opting for a blush to contour which still adds dimension and definition to those cheeks but without the harshness that an ashy bronzer can often bring.

For the best result opt for a matte blush with a duo-tone. Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Air Blush Soft Glow Duo are perfect, offering five options for pretty peachy-pink hues. Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Two Tone Blushes or Bobbi Brown’s Blush Duo’s are another great option offering pigmented shades without the sparkly finish.

To contour, use a soft shaping blush like Zoeva’s Face Definer to lightly apply the blush on the temples, under the cheekbone, starting from the middle of the ear and on a downward angle towards the corner of the mouth.  and even down the jawline in a ‘3’ shape (or mirror image 3 on your left side!).

For a good finishing point, try and line it up with the middle of your eye so that the pigment isn’t too close to your mouth and aim for more colour towards the outside of your face, always using inwards strokes with the brush to distribute the product.

You can even define down the jawline or sides of the nose for spring soft definition.


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