How to Get Perfect Day Two Hair on Day One

by Madeleine Borgersen

It’s a fact that your hair always looks it’s best a few days after you’ve washed it, but think about all of those ‘first hair days’ that are being wasted with fluffiness and flyaways. We’re saying no to the first-hair-day woes and skipping straight to day two-esque locks with these top tress tricks!

How to Get Perfect Day Two Hair on Day One

Get faux second-day style by layering products to those tresses!

Wash Your Hair in Halves

Sounds weird but to decrease those oily roots and dry ends keep your shampoo to the top half of your hair closer to the roots, above the ears and focus your conditioner on the ends from the ear lobes down.

Your hair is naturally healthier towards the roots with oil from your scalp nourishing it and, therefore requires less conditioner (a weekly/bi-weekly treatment all over is still recommended, though!) and vice versa, your ends tend to not suffer from greasy or oiliness like your roots do and so can handle less of a cleanse each time.

Add Texture with Product

Skip the squeaky clean feeling (and the unmanageable fine flyways or frizz!) by adding some texture-building products to your regime. A volumising mousse like Moroccan Oil’s Volumizing Mousse or a lighter shape builder like Tresemme’s Perfectly (un)Done Sea Foam are perfect pre-blowdry to give those locks a bit of body.

How to Get Perfect Day Two Hair on Day One

Sachajuan’s new Hair Cleansing Balm is the new way to wash your hair offering style-ready locks with zero fluffiness on day one.

Powder sprays like Joico’s Liquid to Powder Texturising Spray or Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray add instant grit to flyaway locks, perfect for messy waves or full, textured braids.

Swap out Your Shampoo

Looking for an easier alternative? Swap out your regular shampoo with the new Sachajuan Cleansing Balm. A super cleansing balm it removes build up and grime without stripping your locks from necessary oils. Giving you perfectly cleaned tresses without any first day fluffiness. Zero sulfates, and based on the Sachajuan Ocean Silk Technology of caring sea algae, it’s the perfect option for dry, damaged or coloured hair.

Applied to damp hair and left for a few minutes the Sachajuan Cleansing Balm is rinsed out for squeak free, style-ready locks every wash.

5 responses to “How to Get Perfect Day Two Hair on Day One”

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  2. Maria says:

    How many great tips. My hair always looks horrible the day I clean it. It is just frizzy and everywhere. I always end up putting it in a ponytail.

  3. Ooo very interesting on washing in halves, I have heard of this before but never really tried it. Thanks lovely! Kate x

  4. Volumizing mousse all the way!! Must try the Moroccan Oil one. I now need to rescue 4 day old hair and try to bring it back to day 2. 😉

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