How to Pash-Proof Your Lipstick

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever shied away from a bold lip-look worried you’ll end up leaving most of it on your glass of bubbly – or worse, your teeth. Here’s a pash-proof way of applying your favourite lippie to ensure it won’t be going anywhere!

How to Pash-Proof Your Lipstick

1. Exfoliate

The last thing you want is to have dry, flaky lips showing through your colour. Exfoliate any dry skin away with a lip exfoliator, a sugar/olive oil scrub or a soft toothbrush! Then moisturise those babies up with some lip balm, let sit for a few minutes and wipe off any excess.

2. Prime

Priming isn’t just for Kate Moss. Just like you’d prime a wall before painting it, you really, really, really need to prime those lips to ensure your lipstick has a smooth surface to stick to. I use the MAC Lip Primer but Too Faced do a great one too!

3. Line

Get your 90’s on but this time pick a colour that matches your lipstick. Line and fill, yep colour those lips in, with the liner. This will not only add another layer of primer to your luscious lips but also provide a budge-proof layer of colour as a base!

4. Blot

Rather than going heavy handed with the lipstick itself, add multiple light layers of lipstick, blotting your lips on a tissue to remove the excess in between layers. This will result in a lot more pigment left on those lovely lips!

5. Powder

Just like you’d powder your face to set everything for the day, if you want a long lasting lip colour use a translucent powder over your masterpiece and head on out!

Kiss Kiss! No colour transferred to Eivind’s luscious beard or cheek! Mythbuster achievement unlocked! (Wilma’s photobombing again!)

4 responses to “How to Pash-Proof Your Lipstick”

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  3. Amazing post M! Glad you got your mythbusting on. Will try this next time I’m around Mike, will save him complaining about my bright lips X