Living an Organic Life With The Beauty Chef’s Carla Oates

by Madeleine Borgersen

We’re big fans of The Beauty Chef’s Carla Oates. Bringing organic, beauty boosting additions to our lives, from her Inner Glow powder as the perfect breakfast booster to the gorgeous oil before bed, Carla knows how to get the most out of living a natural life.

Living an Organic Life With The Beauty Chef's Carla OatesHow would someone start  incorporating organics into their life in regards to food and beauty?

I would advise them to swap their basics for Certified Organic; that is the products and foods that they use most. Once you swap your potatoes and carrots for Certified Organic; you won’t go back; it is like chalk and cheese! The difference between a conventionally grown carrot and an organic carrot is profound.  In terms of skincare, try and use Certified Organic products in the shower as heat and water facilitate absorption, so by choosing Certified Organic, you’re not fast tracking a cocktail of chemicals found in many commercial products into your body. Also choose Certified Organic for products that stay on your skin – so you are not wearing toxic chemicals on your skin all day! 

Do you have any tips or advice for someone trying to live a more organic lifestyle.

Less is best. Keep it simple. Keep it low HI (low human intervention) It doesn’t have to be expensive. Cleanse your skin with organic coconut oil, moisturise with jojoba oil. Your skin will be happier than it has been in years bombarded with too much chemical skincare! In terms of eating organically; join a food co-op; buy organic in bulk and divvy up between friends. It makes certified organic very affordable and also fun.

Living an Organic Life With The Beauty Chef's Carla OatesThis September we’re celebrating Australian Organic Awareness Month. What does the month mean to you?

It means spreading awareness of how easy it is for people to achieve better health and at the same time invest in the wellbeing of their families and the planet.  Healthier you and happier planet. Win win!

What Certified Organic products can you not live without?

The Beauty Chef products of course! Also, Nui Certified Organic coconut oil and Pana Chocolate 

Want more great tips for adding some organic love to your life? Here’s Carla’s 2-step skincare technique to gorgeous glowing skin!

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