Magnetic Eyelashes Have Arrived to Make Every One’s MakeUp Routine Easier

by Madeleine Borgersen

Does the thought of applying false lashes give you heart palpitations? A new invention has arrived to the beauty world to make faking lush, long lashes, that much easier.

Magnetic Eyelashes Have Arrived to Make Every Girls MakeUp Routine Easier

Image via @OneTwoLash

Magnetic lashes, the new big thing hitting the US beauty market offer easy, temporary falsies for the rest of us.

With no sticky glue, the new magnetic lashes are easy to apply and last and look just as great as the old false lashes we love (but cry during the application of!)

Lightweight, reusable and available in a number of styles, One Two Lash, created by Katy Stoka, uses magnets to bypass the awkward application lash glue presents.

Wondering how it works, after all, our skin isn’t magnetic? It’s actually easier than you’d think. Two sets of lashes with magnetic strips are used, one on top and one underneath your natural lashes (your natural lashes are the filler in this faux lash sandwich).

Ditching the glue also means the lashes will last through more uses, making them cheaper in the long run. We can’t find any cons with this new creation!

The One Two Lashes are currently available for pre-order, with two sets purchased for $59.


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