Beauty Must Haves: For Your Desk

by Madeleine Borgersen

There’s some products that you just need right there, all the time. Here’s my go-to beauty must haves that I have to have just an arms length away.

Beauty Must Haves: For Your Desk

My desk is often cluttered with PR samples, bank statements, magazines, cables, this morning’s brekkie plate – you name it’s there. But there’s a handful of beauty must have products that even on a cleanup, still sit pride of place on this little desk of mine and here they are.

1. Nail Strengthening Serum – RevitaNail

I was blessed with the weakest nails in history. I don’t mind that I’ll never have gorgeous talons it’s more the sheer pain from them splitting in the nail bed that bothers me. I swear by the old RevitaNail Hardening Polish and this new Keratin Strengthening Serum by them is just amazing.

Perfect for when I’m typing and can’t lose the 15 minutes waiting for my nails to dry I just rub this baby over my nails and cuticles whenever I stop to pause for a while and let it work it’s magic.

2. Rosehip Oil Lip Balm – Trilogy

I am obsessed with this lip balm at the moment. It’s super nourishing without any hint of greasiness. Mixing Rosehip Oil, Shea and Cocoa butter it’s the perfect desk companion to keep those puckers plump.

It’s the perfect lip balm for those that are a bit more organised, offering long lasting results and also for those of us that want instant relief for our burning lips after a brisk walk to work.

3. Compact Brush – Tangle Teezer

Perfect for a mid-day tidy up and to prevent my hair from turning into a birds nest I can’t function without my compact Tangle Teezer.

It comes with a great cover to protect it’s magical bristles and is the perfect size for my desk’s top drawer.

4. Eye Lash Curler – Manicare

You might think I’m a bit weird on this one but bear with me.

So you’re in the office, you’re planning a quiet day of paperwork so you opt for a light face with zero eye makeup. You suddenly are called in for a meeting and have no makeup with you. Enter the eyelash curler.

Manicare’s eye lash curler is the best thing you can grab from a chemist for a quick wake me up. Curl those lashes and instantly look more awake, healthy and vibrant.

5. Perfume Roller – Byredo

This one is a definitely a luxury beauty must have but I won’t have my desk any other way.

Perfume roller’s are the perfect midday pick-me-up and the saviour of slept-late forgetfulness. You can get rollers in most of your favourite scents, my favourite at the moment is the super lush Bal D’Afrique by Byredo.

What’s your must have beauty item to keep at arm’s reach?


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6 responses to “Beauty Must Haves: For Your Desk”

  1. Lip Balm and hand cream are my must haves. I also love Lush’s Eau Roma Water for when my skin starts to feel tired or I start getting restless. I never thought of keeping a perfume at my desk, must try!

  2. Blonderful says:

    I was about to purchase the Revitanail Serum over the weekend but stopped myself thinking it could be a gimmick! I have the weakest nails in the world also – great to hear that it works for you. I am going to purchase this now

  3. Oh yes, I can’t not have my tangle teaser close by. Boy do I love it. I’m sadly also in the weak nails club, it’s no fun X