Fake Eyelashes

by Madeleine Borgersen
Fake Eyelashes

Revlon – Beyond Natural Individual Lashes – $9.99

Individual lashes are by far the most natural looking. You can put them solely at the end of your eyes to widen and open them, or all the way across if you want more of a va-va-voom effect. They take a little longer to apply but are well worth it.

MAC – 3 Lash – $18

These MAC lashes are really natural looking for full-length falsies. They add thickness to your natural lashes but aren’t overly long making them subtle enough to wear whenever you choose!

I personally find these the hardest to apply. When one end goes down the other tends to come up. Apparently this is because I wasn’t trimming them properly to fit my eye first. I need to try it again!

Mecca Cosmetica – Eyes Wide Open Lashes – Plump – $20

These are my personal favourite. They can have a similar effect to the individual lashes by not covering the entire length of the eye (if you don’t want to!) but are easier and quicker to apply than individuals.

I personally like to use two clusters on the outer corners of my eyes to open them up but still keep them quite light.

For any falsies I always use DUO Eyelash Glue ($15.95). It lasts forever and the lashes never come off during the night! (Read no awkward eyelash creeping down your face).

What are your favourite brands of lashes?

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