Must Haves: Handbag Beauty Essentials

by Madeleine Borgersen

When it comes to handbag beauty must-haves the trick is to be smart. Opt for products that you can use for multiple beauty blunders. Here are our favs!

Must Haves: Handbag Beauty Essentials

1. A Do-It-All Concealer

Opt for a concealer that’s creamy and true to your skin tone that way you can use it on both under eye baggage and that blemish that appeared out of nowhere. Some even come with a built in powder for the true perfectionists among us!

2. A pretty pink Lipstick

Keep your handbag beauty products light by carrying around a pink lippie that you can double up as a cream blush too. An easy, space saving tip I learnt from my Mumma you want a lipstick with a bit of colour but nothing too garish. Best part? Your lips and blush will always match!

3. Hand Cream

There’s nothing more annoying than dry, irritated hands. Keep a small tube of moisturiser in that handbag beauty list to nourish those hands and even dab a bit on top of your dried out or tired looking makeup to bring it back to life!

4. Shoozing Powder

Hair a bit oily and limp? Rejig it for those after-work drinks with some shoozing powder (it’s the scientific term trust me!). The one I am absolutely loving at the moment is the Bumble & Bumble pret-a-powder. Not only does it give your hair back that just blow-dried bounce but it’s also a sneaky dry shampoo. Perfect!

5. Brown Eyeliner

The Jack of all beauty trades. Pack this little saviour into your side pocket to define your eyes without mascara, fill that gap you just noticed in your brow or give yourself a beauty spot a la Marilyn. What’s your must have beauty product to leave the house? Are there any products you swear by to take you from drab to drool worthy that can fit in your bag’s side pocket? We need to know!


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9 responses to “Must Haves: Handbag Beauty Essentials”

  1. Jane Lawler says:

    Totally agree on the brown eyeliner. I can’t believe I only ever used to wear black!

  2. Angela says:

    I love looking at what other people carry in their handbag! The brown eyeliner is a great tip, I can’t believe I don’t have one in mine already!! Xxx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  3. chntl says:

    Some days I carry so much make-up with me it’s a tad worrying and others I have hardly anything! Guess it all depends on what I’m doing! I usually have some form of lip product (or maybe 3 … or 4… once I had 6 ahaha) and definitely some hand cream. In summer I also like to have some rose water or facial spray, our summers definitely don’t treat our make-up kindly!

    Chantalle x

  4. I don’t really carry much make-up wise because I get way too lazy during the day to touch up, so unless I absolutely have to I won’t. There’s only one thing I absolutely can’t leave the house without though and that’s my hand cream, still using Hand Food from S&G haha!