How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

by Madeleine Borgersen
How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Many cosmetics companies make brush cleaners. MAC does a great one for example. These however don’t really do a deep clean. They’re great for spot cleaning and day-to-day clearing away of any germs but they won’t remove everything from a brush.

I like to do a deep clean every week to fortnight depending on how much I’ve used my brushes. I use a really exclusive, expensive product. Baby Shampoo.

Yes, I use Johnson’s baby shampoo from the supermarket. It will set you back $5 but it’s worth the investment.

Why Baby Shampoo? It’s gentle on the brushes. It cleans away any makeup and germs without ruining the natural fibres. It also works like a charm on synthetic hairs so no need to double up!

So, here’s how to deep clean your makeup brushes!

1. Place a 5/10c piece amount of Baby Shampoo on the palm of your hand.

Grab your first brush and lightly run it under a stream of water, don’t soak it but just have a little bit of water there to allow the shampoo to begin to lather. Move the brush around your palm, in the shampoo, in circular motions. You’ll begin to see the product coming out of the brush. Try not to freak out! Once you’re satisfied with how clean your brush is…

2. Rinse it under lukewarm water

Lightly push any excess shampoo or product from the stem to the tip. Squeeze the brush hairs lightly to remove any excess water, then…

3. Leave to dry

Make sure you don’t put your brushes back in a container where they’re going to be standing upright. This will cause any leftover water to seep into the neck of the brush and deteriorate the glue holding the brush together. Instead lie them flat, on a towel to soak away any moisture or downwards, Seriously, just google makeup brush drier and be amazed!

4. Be amazed at how fresh and soft your brushes are!

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    Gotta love the amazing J&J Baby Shampoo. It has some terrific uses all ’round.