Kelly & Sharon Osbourne MAC Collab

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever since I got the Kelly Osbourne hair cut in 2003 (circa her Papa Don’t Preach days) I’ve had this feeling that Kelly and I were sisters, soul-sisters even.

Kelly & Sharon Osbourne MAC Collab

Needless to say when the Kelly and Sharon (my mum’s name is Sharon too! See, we really are sisters!) was announced I’ve had them on my screen Oo-ing and Aah-ing uncontrollably. I want the lot, tied in a bow and delivered to my doorman. Please!

The collection, to be released in June features products with Kelly’s and Sharon’s signatures in their signature colours and styles. I’m in love with Kelly’s collection (no offence Shaz!).

It features four lipsticks (that purple!), two eye palettes, one eyeliner, one eye kohl and a lip liner, plus one skin finish and one gorgeous blush.

  1. Lipstick in Strip Poker
  2. Lipstick in Riot House
  3. Lipstick in Kelly Yum-Yum
  4. Lipstick in Dodgy Girl
  5. Jumbo Penultimat
  6. Bloody Brilliant Quad
  7. Morning Mister Magpie
  8. Eye Kohl in Smolder
  9. Lip Pencil in In Synch
  10. Skin Finish Duo
  11. Powder Blush in Cheeky

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