The MAC Simpsons Collection Isn’t As Scary As We Thought

by Madeleine Borgersen

The MAC Simpsons collection is due to be released in Australia in September. Not that interested? Wait til you see it!

The MAC Simpsons Collection Isn’t As Scary As We Thought

Ok so when MAC announced that they were planning a Simpson’s collection I wasn’t that interested. Don’t get me wrong, love the show. I just didnt really know where they were going to take it. I eat my words. I actually want some of these products.

The  MAC Simpsons collection will feature a blush, eyeshadow palette (with cute names like Lisa’s Spikes and Beehive Blue), lipgloss, falsies and nail stickers. The full MAC Simpsons collection will house ten products (or so this little birdy told us, The Hollywood Reporter).

We’re definitely loving the fun packaging and the look of that blush and those false lashes! Very Marge!

What are your first impressions? Yay or nay? Need it or leave it?

5 responses to “The MAC Simpsons Collection Isn’t As Scary As We Thought”

  1. The blush and the lashes are firmly on the wishlist! I’m lol’ing over the yellow lip gloss though. I mean why not?! xx

  2. To be honest I don’t know if I’m fussed about this one 🙁 I think I’ll pass (Until all the reviews come out and change my mind at least)

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