MAC’s Maleficent Collection Revealed

by Madeleine Borgersen

MAC has revealed their upcoming Maleficent collection! Due to appear in US stores from May 15 to June 26 it will coincide with the movie premiere of May 30. Hopefully we will see similar dates over here!

MAC’s Maleficent Collection Revealed

I’ve taken a look and honestly for me, I’m a little underwhelmed. I just revered Maleficent as this amazing character with so much to go with when I opened up the collection, it could have just been mistaken for my aunt Debbie’s Revlon makeup bag from 1983.

Don’t get me wrong, the sculpting powders look really interesting and the highlight P&P (which, in my opinion is the best product in the line) will definitely be worth a grab but nothing else really shines through as being that different to warrant rushing out to get it from a limited collection.

What are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Already lining up out the front door of a MAC to get it?

The Collection:

  1. Prep & Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast
  2. Eyebrow Pencil in Fling
  3. Penultimate eyeliner in Rapid Black
  4. Pro Longwear Lipglass in Anthurium
  5. Lipstick in True Love’s Kiss
  6. Lip Pencil in Kiss Me Quick
  7. Nail lacquer in Nocturnelle
  8. Nail lacquer in Flaming Rose
  9. Nail lacquer in Uninvited
  10. Beauty Powder in Natural
  11. Beauty Powder in Sculpt
  12. Eyeshadow Compact
  13. 36-Lash
  14. 30-Lash

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