Must Haves: Travel Carry On Bag

by Madeleine Borgersen

Whether it’s a quick trip up the coast or a long haul flight a little pack of beauty picks can be a saviour on your travels. From makeup to skincare and a little pamper in between here are our picks.

Must Haves: Travel Carry On Bag

Traveling is the perfect time to test out those luxe samples and mini’s you’ve been storing away!

1. Skincare

I choose not to wear makeup on flights. I know one day I’ll be sitting next to George Clooney and regret this decision but it’s just better for my skin personally.

If you do wear makeup include a few makeup wipes or even a small cleansing oil if you can fit it to take the face off mid-flight.

Must-haves on a longer flight are lip balm, a good rich moisturiser or hydrating spray and hand sanitizer. The air-conditioning in flights literally robs your skin blind of moisture so treat your skin overdrive to compensate.

One response to “Must Haves: Travel Carry On Bag”

  1. Great list TdM! Totally agree on BB cream in the carry-on! I’ll wear it though if I’m in a window seat. I always throw some baby wipes and a little roll-on deodorant in to help feel refreshed quickly after a long haul. Be sure to report back on those samples you’re testing! 😉