Top Double Ended Mascaras

by Madeleine Borgersen

Double ended mascaras are perfect for those of us wanting to add length and volume to our lashes. With a few now hitting the market here are our top dual ended mascaras to try!

Top Double Ended Mascaras

Here are our top dual ended mascaras for that va-va-voom!

1. Bobbi Brown – Extreme Party & No Smudge Dual-ended Mascara – $44.00

Get the best of both worlds with two of Bobbi Browns favourite formulas in one sweet little package. Her signature Extreme Party Mascara is matched with the No Smudge formula on the other end giving you instant voluminous lashes with intense colour and length.

The Extreme Party formula includes lash conditioning vitamins meaning your lashes stay soft and supple all day (no spider lashes!) and the No Smudge add’s a waterproof coating. The perfect combo ever? We think so.

2. CoverGirl – Bombshell Volume Mascara by LashBlast – $21.95

This one is great at adding length to those lashes whilst maintaining volume. Not as voluminous as the Bobbi Brown, but it’s also half the price tag, it’s a fantastic chemist purchase for anyone wanting to add a bit of glam to their makeup look.

It’s another waterproof formula and they mean it. It does not budge. Perfect for anyone worrying about smudging!

3. Max Factor – Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara – $25.95

Another superb cheap volumising mascara. This one is a lot lighter on the lashes for those that hate the feeling of heavy coats of mascara.

The non-budge, seriously black colour of the Max Factor is what makes it a definite contender for top dual mascara. It’s easy to remove with an oil based makeup remover but the colour will not fade from day to night.

4. ModelCo – Fibre Lash Brush on Falsies – $21.45

The results I achieved with this one were phenomenal. The only downside was I got a bit of the fibre in my eye and so it was a bit irritating for the remainder of the day. No more than wearing false lashes though and this was a lot easier!

4 responses to “Top Double Ended Mascaras”

  1. Wow! Prices in Australia are so high!

  2. M + K says:

    The Maybelline falsie double ended mascara just came out in Australia, so we picked it up the moment we saw it!