Top Mascaras

by Madeleine Borgersen
Top Mascaras

As someone that resembles a baby mouse without any eye makeup, I am a huge lover of a good mascara.

High-end or supermarket buy it doesn’t matter as long as it gives me full, black, luscious lashes in, literally, the blink of an eye.

Here’s my top mascaras that do just that!

1. Maybelline – Falsies – $19.95

An amazing go-to! You can buy this baby basically anywhere – chemist, supermarket – maybe even a 7/11 if you look hard enough! It’s a fantastic mascara that brings everything, colour, length and volume.

2. MAC – Zoom Fast Black Lash – $33

A super black, super thickening mascara. I love having a tube of this baby handy to add on-top of other mascaras that don’t just bring the wow-factor. A reliable mascara time and time again.

3. L’Oreal – Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara – $7.99

A new comer that I was able to try out recently. It’s a really great mascara. Not as thickening as Maybelline’s Falsies, but it definitely kicks butt in the lengthening department!

4. Lancome – Hypnose Drama – $52

My all-time favourite mascara. It transforms my eyelashes from thin, blonde whispers to ‘are they fake?’ worthy lashes.

5. Hourglass – Film Noir – $42

Hourglass Cosmetics can do no wrong. Another fantastic option for anyone that wants lengthening, thickening and colour without as much punch as Lancome. Great for an everyday option!

What is your go-to mascara? Don’t forget about our Instagram comp also! We’ve received some amazing entries and cannot wait to announce a winner on 30/03/14!

2 responses to “Top Mascaras”

  1. Rebekah says:

    Love this! I am doing a first impression of the L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara sometime next week! Hope I love it as well 🙂
    Bek xx