Making a Mark: Ivadore Tanning Treatment

by Madeleine Borgersen

A new Australian owned and made tan has hit the market. I know, I know, why would we need another tan! But let me assure you Ivadore tanning treatment is different!

Making a Mark: Ivadore Tanning Treatment

A plant derived tanning treatment this vegan friendly tan is full of natural ingredients like raspberry seed oil, watermelon oil, passionfruit oil, strawberry extract, organic echinacea, organic coconut water, organic green tea, organic camellia seed oil, coffee seed extract and my favourite tanning ingredient ever, organic marshmallow (actually a type of herb unfortunately not the sweet, gooey candy we love)!

The Ivadore tanning lotion gives you a flawless golden tan that’s not the least shade oompa loompah and develops and fades slowly giving you a gorgeous subtle glow all year around.

Being full of such amazing ingredients the Ivadore tanning treatment both pigments the top layer of skin – turning you into a total beach babe whilst also providing antioxidants, anti-ageing benefits and hydration to the skin. The result? Gorgeous glowing, healthy and supple skin.

A definite front runner for those wanting a fuss-free, skin friendly glow the Ivadore tan is best applied with your hands post shower and exfoliation and just before popping into bed. Being all natural there’s no funky tan smell and there’s also zero damage to your sheets.

Ivadore is available online from their website for $55 for 120ml. Not 100% sold from my review? You can also pay $5.95 postage and receive a free 30ml sample to try it out for yourself!

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