Man-friendly Must-Haves: Uppercut

by Madeleine Borgersen

We may cop some flack over taking up all the bathroom vanity space but our male counterparts are being just as spoilt lately when it comes to haircare and grooming products, especially from brands like Uppercut.

Man-friendly Must-Haves: Uppercut

As a certified (we made him a certificate with Word-art) Hipster, my partner Eivind has better hair and grooming habits than I do. His quest for the perfect hair goop to keep that rockabilly do in place has been long and arduous with many great contenders coming out of the woodworks in the last few months.

Uppercut’s new styling Pomade ($24) is water-soluble and gives a strong hold with zero cardboard effect. Best applied straight out of the shower to damp hair it will keep a quiff, slickback or mohawk in place all day long.

With serious hold the Uppercut is also shampoo friendly, dissolving instantly and leaving fresh, smooth, goop-free hair for bed. No more ruining my Kip & Co pillowcases!

Being said hipster, my man’s favourite asset (apart from his hair) is his beard, so shaving products usually go by the wayside for him. That is until he started cycling.

Apparently one cannot cycle with hairy legs, I’m not sure if it’s physically impossible or just simply frowned upon but either way Eivind was stoked when I came home with a pack of pink shavers for his legs (the girls one’s work better you see).

The Uppercut Deluxe Shaving Cream ($18) also works better than most shaving foams or creams I’ve been told.With Eucalyptus and Coconut Oil the skin is left moisturised and fresh.

With a man-friendly low fragrance and a non-greasy formula it’s the perfect accompaniment to get that close shave with a smooth and comfortable finish whether that be on your face or your legs.

Have you seen the Uppercut products around? What products if any do the men in your life swear by?


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