Mimic the Muse

Mimic the Muse: Amanda Seyfried

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking for a gorgeous yet natural look to glam you up this weekend? Amanda Seyfried at the Golden Globes is the perfect muse to mimic!

Mimic the Muse: Amanda Seyfried

The Face:

Amanda Seyfried has enviably gorgeous skin. Pale and perfect the trick to this low-makeup look is good skincare. Make sure your skin is well hydrated with a Hyaluronic Serum like Skin Inc’s before starting with the look.

Keep your skin light but flawless and of course protected with the Cancer Council Australia Cosmetics Foundation ($18.95). A good concealer (we’re loving the latest one by Covergirl at the moment!) under your eyes to brighten that complexion and Max Factor Crème Puff Blush to your cheeks to keep the look fresh, bright and youthful.

The Eyes:

Add some subtle drama to your eyes with a metallic cream shadow. Australis’ new metallic range are super easy to apple, long wearing and come in a range of gorgeous colours.

Vamp those lashes up with a good hit with the lash curler and some coats of Covergirl’s Bombshell Mascara. Covergirl also has a pencil at the moment to perfectly groom those brows and add subtle definition to the eyes.

The Lips:

Master that ‘my lips but better’ that Amanda Seyfried rocks so well with a moisturising lipstick. The new range by Cancer Council Australia Cosmetics offer sun protection, hydration and gorgeous colours to boot!

The Hair:

Get that natural, just out of a Jane Austin novel curl with a loose twist around the Cloud Nine Wand. Brush out the cooled curls with your fingers and sprits with a light hold hair spray for an utterly glam all-day and night look.

2 responses to “Mimic the Muse: Amanda Seyfried”

  1. blogrekindled says:

    A really pretty look for autumn especially love the loose waves/curls.