Easy Berry Ombre Nails

by Madeleine Borgersen

Are your nails in need of some lovin’ but wanting to try something different? Something different that isn’t going to take you eight attempts to master? Try our easy peasy berry ombre nails!

Easy Berry Ombre Nails

To get this super quick marbled, ombre nail look you’ll need a deep plum polish and a top coat that’s either nearly empty, or one you don’t mind getting a bit of discolouration through.

You’re going to work on each nail individually so take each step across each nail one by one. For the ombre or watercolour effect to work you’ll need the polishes to be wet so that they combine and swirl.

1. Clear Coat

Paint the nail with a generous amount of top coat. Cover the whole nail and make sure each part of the nail is wet before moving on!

2. Add the Colour

Grab your colour, we’ve chosen Chanel Vertigo, but if you wanted to do a brighter colour it will work just the same! Brush the colour onto the ends of your nails working from 2/3 of the way up the nail bed and back towards the tip.

3. Water it out

Quickly grab the top coat colour again (this is why it will get messy, so don’t use your favourite!) and lightly brush over the line where the coloured polish starts. You don’t have to be neat or straight, you’re going for a slight swirl. If you don’t like the pattern created just grab the colour again and try again.

You’ll end up with ten gorgeously unique marbled ombre nails in a only a few minutes! What colour are you going to try first?

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  1. just saw this on your instagram, love the effect i might try this out!