Napoleon BBB Cream

by Madeleine Borgersen

I’ve fallen in love. And no it’s not with a boy. It’s with this product.

I honestly am not sure when I picked it up I think it might have been at a Napoleon makeup event and I just casually tossed it in my ‘later’ drawer passing it off as another BB cream to use when my skin is radiant and I’ll be sipping cocktails all day – because you know, that happens!

I grabbed the Napoleon BBB Cream the other day for something different though and I honestly haven’t really put it down since.

It’s super dewy. It’s not a BB cream its a BBB cream. To put it in Napoleon’s own words:

The Napoleon BBB Cream is a hybrid of a skin-perfecting, HD foundation, an anti-aging moisturizer, and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Light enough for that low maintenance, natural look yet it boasts enough coverage to perfect and convincingly correct your skin.

I cannot get over the great coverage the Napoleon BBB Cream has without making you look too done up. It’s the perfect sweet spot for a day look!

At $42 it’s not as cheap as some BB creams but if you like a lighter more natural look that still gives you a bit of somethin’ somethin’ this is your dream guy.


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2 responses to “Napoleon BBB Cream”

  1. i love the fact its not a bb cream but a BBB cream, ive tried the auto pilot primer on friend for her wedding day and it was soo good at keeping the makeup last long and fresh all day i was quite impressed!