Natural Beauty: The Top Natural Skincare Brands for You

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking to ditch the chemicals and go all natural with your beauty routine? Elizabeth Armstrong, director of natural beauty and skincare website, Flora Organica has given us her top tips to changing to natural.

Natural Beauty: The Top Natural Beauty and Skincare for YouFlora Organica is such a fantastic site for those looking for natural beauty options. If someone was looking to start opting for natural beauty products what would be the best products to start with?

Acure is a great range for someone starting out with organic beauty products.  The range contains facial, body and haircare products suitable for all  skin types. There really is something for everyone in this range. From a simple argan oil body wash through to radical resurfacing facial treatments, and it’s reasonably priced!

Natural Beauty: The Top Natural Beauty and Skincare for YouWhat’s a great range that Flora Organica is currently stocking that everyone should be trying?

If there is one product everyone should try it has to be organic deodorants.  The health benefits of moving away from chemical deodorants is now widely known. Flora Organica stocks Axilla, Soapwalla and LaVanila, all very effective and all have a loyal following.

What’s your favourite natural product for all over beauty?

My personal favourite for all over beauty has to be Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion. It’s light reflecting particles give the skin a gorgeous glow.  You can use it under you foundation, over a natural or spray tan. It’s blend of natural plant extracts lift, firm and tighten and diminish the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks  and varicose veins. You can even use it on you hair to tame frizz and add lustre. Multi-purpose and beautiful. It’s a stand out product in my opinion.

Looking for some natural skin care and beauty options? Click through for some of our favourite natural beauty and skincare lines!


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