New Nail Subscription: Tiger Claw

by Madeleine Borgersen

A new subscription box has arrived and it’s taking care of our talons!

New Nail Subscription: Tiger Claw

Launching May 1, Tiger Claw is a bi-monthly subscription box that will send you a name-brand base coat and feature coat as well as some rocking accent to take your nails from meow to wreow! (how does one actually spell that sound?)!

For only $19.95 per box you’ll get a hand-picked collection, from a professional nail artist, as well as instructions in-box and online to inspire your new look. Each box comes with enough product for a few mani’s so don’t worry about not touching anything for fear of ruining your set in the first week of a new box.

I’ve just signed up and cannot wait to share box one with you all come May 1!

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