Pricey vs Priceline

Pricey vs Priceline: Night Moisturiser

by Madeleine Borgersen
Pricey vs Priceline: Night Moisturiser

Yay it’s Pricey vs Priceline time again! This week we’re tackling a product that can really hit your wallet – night moisturisers.

With the cooler weather our skin needs more moisture and TLC. Today were comparing two ultra-rich, nourishing night moisturisers that will pack a punch and offer dehydrated skin all the moisture it needs.

1. Pricey – Perricone M.D. – Hypoallergenic Nourishing Moisturiser – $112

I fell in love with this night moisturiser after receiving it for my birthday last year. It was exactly what I wanted in a moisturiser; rich, beautifully hydrating and smelt lovely. Every time I put it on my face I instantly felt like I was doing the right thing and my skin did look a lot better with this little helping hand.

2. Priceline – Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream – $66

I was introduced to this one as a result of posting my empty Perricone jar on instagram. Priceline now stocks the Antipode products although hasn’t updated their online listing so you can most definitely find it there. It is amazing. It’s like avocado on toast but better as it’s on your face. Super hydrating, nourishing and again smells amazing. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my complexion and this is the only product that has changed in my current routine so maybe it’s just given my skin a bit of a kick in the teeth?

The Verdict:

For half the price I’ll definitely be sticking with the Antipodes. It brings everything to the table that you would want in a rich night moisturiser and being a natural product it’s perfect for my sensitive skin. No reactions = the best!

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