The Pros & Cons of Giving Up Mascara

by Carla Horvath

Looking to simplify your beauty regime? Or just can’t find a mascara that doesn’t end up transforming you into Kung Fu Panda by the end of the day? We tried ditching the mascara for a month and here are the pro’s and con’s.

The Pros & Cons of Giving Up Mascara

Image via @BehatiPrinsloo a big fan of ditching mascara for her day to day routine.

You are probably asking yourself why anyone would ever do this. I don’t have a great reason but after trialling lash extensions I fell out of the habit of applying mascara as part of my daily routine.

The lashes do fall out and do look wonky after a while but instead of picking up the wand I decided to move forward without mascara.

Here is what I learned.

The Pros

Going to the beach and pool became more pleasurable as I wasn’t constantly worried about smudging or rubbing. The same can be applied for any outdoor activity that involves getting sweaty or wet. I’ve never been a fan of waterproof mascara so this was a problem for me.

The Cons

Sadly, life isn’t all about the beach and sport. At first, going to work or a meeting was extremely uncomfortable. I thought that everyone was looking at me and I felt compelled to profess, “I’m not wearing mascara please forgive me!” I was self-conscious meeting new people in a professional atmosphere (especially meeting other women!) and articles like this didn’t help.

I certainly felt less sexy when I was dressed to go out. My family and friends questioned my health, sleeping patterns and relationship status because I looked “unwell.” Of course, this made me feel more self-conscious but I pushed through realising that it was most likely my demeanor and not the lack of mascara.  This is a good time to tell you that my husband never noticed.

The Verdict

After a few weeks, this new look was the norm and I regained my confidence. Mind you, all the while I was going out to pubs, clubs and everything in between and not just tucked away. I started wearing less makeup overall because the rest of my face seemed incomplete or too overdone.

Now that the month is over I can say that my perspective has changed. I want to wear mascara and a full face of makeup because at the end of the day it is fun, therapeutic and a great way to express myself. I’m not ashamed to say that I feel sexier and confident when all my spots are covered.

But I don’t feel like it’s necessary all the time and I have a newly found respect for women who don’t bother. In the end, life was easier, cleaner and less expensive. At the end of the day, all that matters is that we feel confident in our own skin.

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