Runway to Real Life: Bright Blush

by Madeleine Borgersen

Bright Blush can be a beautiful and dangerous friend. We’re out to tackle another runway makeup extreme today with exaggerated blush. Here’s how to make it a daily look!

Runway to Real Life: Bright Blush

The beauty with blush is it’s build-able so you can work your way up to this bright blush look. It’s a great look when you want something quick yet eye-catching or you don’t have a lot of products yet but still want to try something new!

I used a bright pink/coral blush for this look and just added more product until I was happy with the result. A few tips to make it more wearable!

  1. Keep the rest of your face simple and flawless. The last thing you need is a bright pink blush pointing out your bright pink pimple. Use a good foundation to make your face clear and clean.
  2. Focus more on the cheeks. Keep the main colour to your cheeks and bring it up to the temple every now and again to disperse the colour. This will form more of a natural gradient up rather than appearing like an obvious mark.
  3. Pair it with illuminator. To look more naturally flushed swipe a great illuminator across the top of the cheekbone. This will add more dimension to your look and confuse people into thinking yes you really are that naturally flushed and glamourous.

Anyone out there a blush fiend? What’s your favourite blush looks?

2 responses to “Runway to Real Life: Bright Blush”

  1. I love this look, when done properly it makes you look like you’ve just stepped out of a fridge, so pretty!

    Angelique. –