Sephora Sydney is Coming to Save Our Beauty Lives

by Madeleine Borgersen

I know there’s Mecca, but really Sephora is the Mecca of makeup. Finally, Sephora have announced they’re opening a Sydney Store. Get those wish lists ready it’s coming to Westfield Pitt St in December 2014!

Sephora Sydney is Coming to Save Our Beauty Lives

Last night the Australian Financial Review gave us some amazing news. No they haven’t found this illusive ‘money tree’ but what they have discovered might be even better. They announced that Sephora (US beauty giant Sephora!) is opening a flagship store in Sydney, Australia in 2015.

Update 30/3/14:

Westfield Sydney CBD is due to be the first home for Sephora Australia with reports of an expected opening as early as December, 2014!

I am beyond excite. Sydney Sephora! After this week’s H&M launch in Melbourne it’s about time we received a little attention from international beauty-big-wigs.

When I visited NYC in 2012 I swear I dragged my partner into every single Sephora on Manhattan. Boasting every beauty brand imaginable they really are the go-to location for anything beauty.

One issue I keep hearing when chatting with friends about the opening is the issue of pricing. For as long as (wo)man has worn mascara in Australia we’ve been paying out for the premium stock, much more than our overseas neighbours. I’m interested to see how their pricing will compare to their US stores!

Update 9/6/14:

It’s been reported that Sephora Sydney will offer the same US based prices in their new Australian store!

What’s on your Sephora Sydney Wish List? What brand are you most excited about going and grabbing straight off of the shelf?

4 responses to “Sephora Sydney is Coming to Save Our Beauty Lives”

  1. […] The price difference between Australian and US beauty products makes me weep, so I try to freight-forwarding some beauty out of the States a couple of times a year. In my last haul from Sephora I splurged on Amore Pacific’s Moisture Bound Lip Treatment. It’s pretty much a face mask for your lips… I’ve been wearing it at night and it’s been AMAZE. Well worth keeping an eye out for when Sephora hits Australia in December! […]

  2. […] I do love the packaging on the Hourglass and it is a fantastic lipstick, I’m just not sure with the pricetag and the inconvenience of finding it it will become a staple. Maybe when Sephora arrives in Sydney? […]

  3. Whaaat! That’s amazing news:)

    You’re so right though, the pricing will probably be through the roof xx