Setting Sprays

by Madeleine Borgersen
Setting Sprays

Setting sprays, or fixing sprays are liquids that you spray onto the skin after you’ve finished your makeup look to add extra lasting power. Often used by makeup artists for clients that need that extra oomph to help their makeup last through a long day.

Setting sprays work by using temperature control technology.  This basically works by covering the area, in this case your face in a thin film that slowly releases ingredients over 16 hours to keep your makeup from budging.

“The time-release evaporation retains moisture longer while also drawing heat away from the skin as it slowly evaporates through the day.”

The act of drawing heat away from the skin means less melting and moving of products.

My favourite is M.A.C.’s Fix+ (A$27), especially in summer I’ll keep it in the fridge and spray a bit on my face and as if like magic it boosts my makeup and keeps it going for the whole day.

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  1. thats a good idea to keep setting spray’s in the fridge!! never thought about that!