Benefits of Silk Pillow Cases

by Madeleine Borgersen

Silk pillowcases are a bit of a luxury, I know that, we all know that. But seriously they are worth every cent.

Benefits of Silk Pillow Cases

I have naturally fine hair. I was recommended a silk pillowcase to combat my 7am dreadlocks I’d wake up to every morning and when I was doing my research into this theory I came across so many other benefits to ditching the cotton when it comes to your sleeping pillow.

1. Hair

My main reason for buying a silk pillowcase was to tame my locks. Silk is smooth, silky even! meaning your locks are more likely to glide and go with your movement as you do the macarena in your sleep. This means less breakage and less knots in the morning.

2. Skin

Silk pillowcases have been shown to be one of the best anti-aging tips around. Just like with your hair, the silk allows your skin to glide against the material rather than getting caught against cotton threads that could iron-in wrinkles.

Silk is also less absorbant than cotton. This means it is less likely to soak up all that night cream you just invested in, leaving it to do it’s work on your gorgeous face.

3. Also!

Silk is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. Perfect for anyone with allergies! It is also a temperature regulator so you can use your new case all year round!

I ended up grabbing a ‘slip’ pillowcase but there are definitely other brands around. They come in some great colours (I got the pink one!) and I can see it lasting me a very long time indeed!

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