Go-To Skincare: Your New Go-To Brand Is Here

by Madeleine Borgersen
Go-To Skincare: Your New Go-To Brand Is Here

So excited! Zoë Foster-Blake from Fruity Beauty has launched her new line Go-To Skincare with a 48-hour pre-sale!

Featuring face moisturisers to body oils, exfoliating swipes (which look ah-mazing!) to a lip balm that’s going to make it to cult status super quickly I can feel it, the range offers something for everyone.

Best of all we know everything will be absolutely beautiful. With Zoë’s experience in the makeup and skincare arena there is no better person to put your trust (and pocket money!) into.

What makes Go-To Skincare great?

The Go-To Skincare range has been created by one of the best in the business. Zoë (because I’m sure we’re on a first-name basis now!) is a beauty genius offering her beauty brains to us mere mortals for over 10 years. Her creations are the perfect balance of what we want and what we need all wrapped in some sweet, sassy packaging.

All the products in the new Go-To Skincare line are made with natural goodness (and no preservatives!) meaning they’ll keep your skin happy and healthy.

Where can I get some of this Go-To Skincare?

Items in the new range are limited but I managed to nab myself some of the exfoliating pads and the body oil. Needless to say I’ll be camping out by the mailbox for the next few days awaiting their arrival.

For more information on the Go-To Skincare line and to make a purchase yourself head over to the Go-To Skincare site.

Images: Go-To Skincare

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