How Your Ayurda Personality Type Can Affect Your Skin

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ayurvedic skincare company Ayurda works together with our inner characteristics to nurture and aid our skin to look it’s absolute best.

How Your Ayurda Personality Type Can Affect Your Skin

Vata Skin Type

If you have Vata as your dominant dosha your skin is typically dryer. Keep it nourished and hydrated by avoiding acidic or spicy foods and stocking up on whole grains, milk and cooked vegetables.

Ginger is amazing for speeding up a Vata’s metabolism and digestion improving in turn the colour and moisture of your skin.

Pitta Skin Type

Sensitive skin usually goes hand in hand with a Pitta skintype. Rashes, breakouts, sunburn or rosacea can be common meaning cooling, calming and soothing skincare should be your main go-to!

Steer clear of oily fried foods and stick to sweet or bitter tastes.

Kapha Skin Type

Kapha’s tend to age slowly and have skin full of moisture. Kapha’s do tend to hold onto toxins for longer however which can lead to congestion and a dull complexion, larger pores or water retention. Opt for energising and stimulating skincare to keep that skin looking it’s best!

Kapha’s tend to overconsume in the food department so swapping out heavy meals for lighter serves that are spicy is a good decision speeding up a slower metabolism.

Which dominant dosha are you? Did you find it matched your skin type?

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