Making a Mark: Facial Essences

by Madeleine Borgersen

Lighter than a serum, liquid facial essences aren’t to be underestimated. Packing some serious punch, these potent little numbers are the perfect addition to keep your skin in amazing condition.

Making a Mark: Facial EssencesNot to be confused with a toner, facial essences are more similar to a highly concentrated serum in a water based format than a pH balancer or chemical exfoliator.

Applied to the skin in a pressing motion these liquid miracles come in a range of different cocktails to treat concerns like dryness, pigmentation, blemishes and ageing.

How to Use Facial Essences

To get the most out of your chosen essence, pop a few drops of the essence into the palm of your hands and gently bring them to your face ‘pressing’ them into your cheeks then forehead, chin and décolletage to allow it to absorb.

You can also use facial essences on a cotton pad by softly swiping them over your face from the center outwards. We personally prefer the pat with the hands as it feels you get more product on the skin and not in the cotton this way.

How Facial Essences Work

Being a light water structure facial essences allow their concentrated ingredients to more easily penetrate into your skin than a heavier serum or lotion. Being super easily absorbed they are also a better option for people wanting to treat a number of concerns at once allowing you to apply a variety of essences after each other without overflowing the skin.

Wanting to find the perfect facial essence for you to try? We’ve shared some of our favourites for a variety of concerns over the jump!


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2 responses to “Making a Mark: Facial Essences”

  1. I’m a long term fan of the SKII essence, it truly is a magic product but the new Coast to Coast range looks interesting, I haven’t come across it in stores yet but will keep a look out