Origins: Must Haves

by Madeleine Borgersen
Origins: Must Haves

Now that I’ve reached my mid late twenties (I can still keep the mid in there can’t I?) my skin has finally decided on what it wants to be (most of the time).

This is great, because it means I can finally stop moving from product to product, forever chasing my oily t-zone or dry flakey forehead’s next move.

I originally (wow, my pun’s are on fire this week!) came across Origins on a trip to London. Then it was the most expensive skincare I’d ever come across but when a great sales assistant said I needed the mushroom moisturiser in my life I followed her advice and splurged the cash. I’m glad I did.

Now Origins is available in Australia (and now much more in my price range) from places like Kit and Mecca Maxima. Here are my top 3 picks if you’re interested in trying out the range.

1. A Perfect World – Deep Cleanser with White Tea – $32

This is my in-the-shower cleanser that I use nightly to remove any makeup and leave my skin squeaky clean. Although it doesn’t squeak, which I like. It’s the perfect balance of removing everything without leaving my skin feeling stretched and dry.

2. VitaZing SPF 15+ Energy-Boosting Moisturiser – $44

If I had to have just one Origins product it would be this one. I don’t wear makeup everyday but I do wear this. It instantly balances out my skin colour and adds life and radiance. It’s like a coffee for your face.

3. Make a Difference Plus – Rejuvinating Moisturiser – $59

This is my night moisturiser. It packs a punch working away its magic while I sleep. It’s a great moisturiser for anyone with combo/dry skin offering everything that the skin needs after a good cleanse.

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