Racinne’s Facial Cleansing Brush

by Madeleine Borgersen

I was so generously gifted one of Racinne’s facial cleansing brushes to try!

When I found out I was going to be able to trial the new brush I stopped using my Foreo Luna so that I had a ‘control’ face to work with. It’s all about the science y’all!

Racinne’s Facial Cleansing Brush

First off let’s just say when it arrived I could not believe it was a $39.95 product. It is such good quality.

Sporting 24,000, 80 micro-metre bristles – that’s a lot of very small bristles, smaller than your pores! – the Racinne cleansing brush exfoliates off dead skin cells and impurities. Simply apply your cleanser to the damp brush and turn on (it uses convenient AA batteries – thank you Racinne for not giving us any more cables!).

The cleanser will begin to foam up against your skin as your move it slowly around your forehead, chin and cheeks, removing any dirt, oil or debris from your pores giving you the deep cleanse you’ve always wanted. It’s like a car wash for your face, and we all now how magical car washes are, especially if you have a sundae to enjoy whilst going through one – note, probably best not to consume a sundae whilst cleansing your face.

I noticed a difference in my skin the next day after using the Racinne, tighter and smaller pores most noticeably. Two days of using the brush to cleanse at night, I had absolutely no congestion left on my chin. I don’t think this has happened since the summer of ’98. It’s safe to say I’m sold.

Available from Racinne online or two stockists in Sydney and Melbourne for $39.95 it is an absolute no-brainer for anyone looking to get more from their cleanser or those with more congestion prone skin (can I get a hands up?).

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