Skin School

Skin School: Retinol

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wondering what certain ingredients in your skincare really do? Which is right for your concern and what amazing products include it? Our Skin School is here to help!

Skin School: Retinol

Tips to picking the perfect Retinol products

  • Apply retinol to dry, clean skin.
  • Retinol can be sensitive so opt for products with an opaque packaging and preferably pump to keep the active ingredients away from light and air!
  • Make retinol part of your bedside beauty routine as this baby works best at night when your body is naturally turning over skin cells.
  • Around the eyes is ok, just not every night. Ditch those crows feet by dabbing retinol products around the eyes on every 3-4th night.
  • Slight tingling is ok! If it doesn’t tingle when applied, it’s probably not strong enough.
  • Pair it with a moisturiser with Niacinamide or Ceramide. These ingredients are fantastic building block boosters for the skin making it stronger and less likely to become irritated.


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12 responses to “Skin School: Retinol”

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  3. Siobhan Donovan says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tips! I’ve been thinking recently that I’d like to improve my skin care regime and these products look incredible! Now to decide!

    • Retinol is a great ingredient! We’ve got a new ingredient coming every Sunday so if you’re interested in refreshing your skin care definitely check back! We’ll be covering products at different price points too! x

  4. There are a few in there that I’ve put on my wish list. Thanks for making me broke! hehe

  5. Lisa | Mummy Made.It says:

    This makes my night time ritual look so poor (other than close eyes, sleep!). Looks like I need to go shopping.

    • Oh sleep is amazing for your skin! Winning already. Just start with one product and see how it goes for you. Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold is a great one to add if you don’t want to be spending heaps of time. You only have to use it once or twice a week for great results!

  6. Stephie Vanneste says:

    Oh I love your new series! I always wonder what the hell are in skin products or what makes the product do xyz but to lazy to every figure out why!

  7. viciloves says:

    I’ve been trying to educate myself more on different ingredients in beauty products because you always hear people talking about certain ones without knowing what they exactly mean! So I’m loving this round up on Retinol, really useful! Victoria x