The Many Pro’s of Dry Body Brushing

by Madeleine Borgersen

Dry Body Brushing is just that brushing your skin with a dry, natural fibre, brush. It is a total body exfoliation that comes with a tonne of added benefits.

The Many Pro’s of Dry Body Brushing

Ever seen one of these in the store or your relative’s bathroom and wondered just what it was for? Well we found out and now we can’t live without it.

Why? Well there are numerous benefits to dry body brushing from detoxification to cellulite reduction, here’s just a few we’ve come across!


The most obvious pro of body brushing is the removal of any dead skin cells. Just like you exfoliate your face, your whole body needs exfoliating. Any shavers out there will notice that their legs get a bit of exfoliation but what about your arms, torso and back? Dry body brushing allows you to remove all the dead skin cells that are blocking your skin’s pores and causing dryness. It can also help to prevent ingrown hairs. Ouch!

Detoxify me!

With the skin being the largest organ of the body, dry body brushing not only exfoliates dead skin cells to make our skin look it’s best it also aids in it’s primary function – to excrete toxins and waste. Did you know the skin is the driver of a third of our toxin elimination?

Just like the liver, the skin uses our millions of pores to cleans the body of any waste. Dry Body Brushing ensures that your pores are clean and ready to go!

Prevents Pre-mature Aging & Gets Your Glow on!

Dry body brushing prevents pre-mature aging and improves skin tone and texture by stimulating sebum secretion. This prevents dry skin, by encouraging secretion from the sebaceous glands. This ladies and gentlemen leads to softer, smoother and more lustrous skin.

Cellulite Be Gone!

All this brushing gets everything moving including your cellulite. Consistent brushing can aid in the even distribution of fat, preventing and reducing cellulite on your body.

Stimulates blood and lymph circulation

When you dry brush your body you want to work in a motion that mimics your lymphatic system. Your main lymph glands are in your inner thighs and your armpits. They all lead back to the heart. Unlike your blood, there is no heart pumping away to help out your lymphatic system. Dry body brushing can help this baby along. Best way is to start on the soles of your feet and work your way up your legs (towards the heart!).

Use circular motions on your torso to mimic the direction of your colon and then up your arms towards your lymph glands in your arm pits. If you have a short handled brush you might need some help for your back (free back rub?! Excellent!) or if no one is inclined to help there’s also plenty of long handled brush options!

It’s best to avoid sensitive areas of your body like your nipples, genitals and any broken or sensitive skin. Also avoid the face, you can get face specific brushes however, we’ll just keep the face specific exfoliators in that area!

Our Favourite Brushes

Deluxe FSC Certified Dry Brush from Nourished Life – $29.95
Bass Brushes – Dry Skin Brush from Organicness – $18.70
Cactus Brush from The Body Shop – $22.95

8 responses to “The Many Pro’s of Dry Body Brushing”

  1. Love this post! will be adding dry brushing to my daily routine… Thanks for the tips! x

  2. I bought one and haven’t been using it! Excellllent prompt Madeleine, thanks!

  3. Sarah says:

    LOVE your intro haha when I was younger I always used to think those brushes looked freaky 😛

  4. Great post! And obviously great minds think alike as I mentioned dry body brushing as one of my new favourite finds on my blog today too! It’s amazing how much goodness can come from one simple daily routine, isn’t it!