Top Tips to Speeding Up Your Skincare

by Madeleine Borgersen

No matter your skin type, oily, sensitive, combination or dry, we all need hydration to keep our skin looking healthy and feeling great from head to toe.

Top Tips to Speeding Up Your Skincare

This post was brought in collaboration with one of our favourite everyday beauty brands, Vaseline.

When our skin lacks moisture, the water level in our skin’s upper layer (the stratum corneum) is lowered, leading to water loss and dehydrated dry skin.

Want to skip the itchy, flaking or red skin? Try these top tips to keep your skin looking great in less time!

Make Hydration a Daily Habit

By moisturising every day you’re providing your skin enough hydration to continue on in its role of protecting your body.

For fast, easy, everyday moisturisation the Vaseline’s Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers are the perfect pick offering super quick absorption, convenient packaging and effective hydration for your whole body.

Keeping a bottle of Vaseline’s Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser close to your shower allows you to quickly spray the non-greasy formula all over post-wash, let it absorb in a matter of seconds and start your day.

Top Tips to Speeding Up Your Skincare

Quick, easy and portable. The Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers are a must-have for any girl on the go!

Pick a Product that’s Portable

Ditch dull skin by packing a moisturiser on the go. Whether it’s a post-work, pre-drinks touch up or a quick hydration hit after the gym, the lockable, portable packaging of Vaseline’s Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers mean you can quickly spray and enjoy soft, supple skin on-the-go.

For sensitive skin that’s suffering from dehydration or too much sun, the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Aloe Smoothe offers soothing aloe vera to quickly calm irritated skin.

Choose a Product That’s Absorbed Quickly

The perfect way to speed up your skincare is by opting for products that absorb quickly. Don’t hold off getting dressed after moisturising by switching out your heavier moisturiser for Vaseline’s effective, quick to apply and to dry formula.

Non-greasy or sticky, the formula is quickly absorbed by your skin with a few quick rubs allowing you to carry on with your routine in no time at all.

Make Your Beauty Pick Budget Friendly

One sure way to hydrate continually and skip the need for higher maintenance heavy hydrators, is to keep your pick budget friendly. With the innovative Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers available from grocery stores and pharmacies at only A$9.99, everyday skin support is achievable quickly, easily and without breaking the bank.

Vaseline’s spray can design makes it quick and easy to moisturise your whole body, even those harder to reach areas, keeping your skin hydrated, looking healthy and feeling great.

Have you tried the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers?


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