How To Use Face Oils & Serums

by Madeleine Borgersen

Face Oils and Serums are the secret ingredient to flawless skin. Offering concentrated vitamins and antioxidants they are the perfect addition to any skin care regime. But how do you use them?

How To Use Face Oils & Serums

Start with fresh cleansed skin – don’t forget to exfoliate your skin 2 or 3 times a week too! Either use a hydrating spray or protection spray to dampen skin and with clean fingers add a few drops of your chosen oil or serum to your skin gently swiping the product across your chin, cheeks and forehead. You will notice that the product goes a lot further and is a lot easier to apply on damp skin.

Massage and gently press the product into the skin. This increases blood circulation and allows for the skin to better soak up the product.

With the remaining product bring it down to your neck, collarbone and chest. Work in upwards movements (opposing gravity’s dirty work!)

Allow the oil or serum to sink into your skin before applying any moisturiser or makeup or – if you’re a PM Serum-er give yourself some time before hitting the hay to ensure your amazing product doesn’t end up soaking into your pillowcase instead of your skin.

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