The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun Protection

by Madeleine Borgersen

With summer on our door step it’s the perfect time to plan out your sun protection for the next few months. Whether it’s for your daily SPF or for those beach days we’ve got the perfect picks!

The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun ProtectionUV Radiation from the sun is reaching your skin in two different forms, UVA and UVB rays. UVB radiation is the key cause of skin cancer and is the form that is blocked by most sunscreens out there.

When it comes to choosing a great SPF there’s a few things to keep in mind

The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun ProtectionThe Level of SPF

SPF 15 protects typically against 93% of UVB radiation, SPF30 96.7% and SPF50 98%.

The amount of SPF you’re going to apply

When you’re applying your sunscreen use about a teaspoon for each arm, leg and side of your mid-section for full coverage.

The timeframe you’re exposed

The SPF of your favourite sunscreen represents also the amount of time a product ‘protects’ you from sun damage. For example an SPF15 would protect you for 15 times the amount of time your skin can naturally sustain sun exposure. So if you can be out for 10 minutes without burning, the SPF15 would give you 150 minutes of protection. But! Most of the research for SPF is conducted under conditions that don’t account for maybe missing a spot, sweat, water etc. So for guaranteed protection, it’s best to re-apply after any swim, or every two hours.

Keep it broad

Always opt for a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB. Although that pink, sensitive burn is caused by UVB, UVA can also cause damage including pre-mature ageing and skin cancer.

The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun ProtectionBest SPF for the Face

Clarins’ new SPF50+ Sunscreen Control Cream for Face ($40, Available November 28) hydrates and protects against sun damage causing age spots.

ASAP Skincare’s Moisturising Daily Defence offers broad spectrum SPF50 protection with hydrating hyaluronic acid and one of our favourite skincare ingredients, Niacinamide to improve skin elasticity.

The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun ProtectionBest SPF for the Body

La Roche’s new Anthelios SPF50 Nutritive Oil ($35.95) smooths and nourishes the skin whilst providing high, broad spectrum protection.

Perfect for athletic types the Neutrogena CoolDry Sport range uses their new MICROMESH™ technology that allows sweat to evaporate through the sunscreen offering powerful protection and a great cooling sensation as you work out.

Best SPF for the Eyes

Alpha-H’s Absolute Eye Cream SPF15 is perfect for the sensitive eye area. Giving the area hydration and protection in one it protects from the pre-mature aging effects of sun damage in a super light-weight cream.

The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun ProtectionBest SPF for the Hands

One of the first signs of ageing is your hands, protect them from rays coming in through the windscreen while driving and when you’re out and about with QV’s new SPF15 Hand Cream that protects, nourishes and protects when applied after each hand wash.

Best for the Kids

Instilling great SPF habits is super important. Make sun protection fun with the Cancer Council’s SPF50 Peppa Pig Sunscreen.

Best for Scars

Sun damage can really exacerbate scarring. Protect and nourish them with Cancer Council’s specialised SPF for scars with nourishing Vitamin E and Niacinamide.

The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun ProtectionBest SPF in Makeup

Time poor? Choose a base with SPF to boot! It Cosmetic’s CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation offers coverage, anti-ageing serum and SPF in one easy-to-use foundation. Broad spectrum and physical SPF only the Veil is the perfect summer base!

Want something a little lighter? The SunSense Daily Face SPF50+ gives you a light tinted and matte finish with great protection for any skin type.

6 responses to “The Secret Tips to Ultimate Sun Protection”

  1. Louise says:

    Such a good recommendation to get SPF for the hands! U usually just rub whatever sunscreen is leftover into them, but I might have to grab your pick 🙂 I’m always paranoid about my lips, do you have a favorite SPF lip balm?



  2. Sarah says:

    I really love Sunsense and ASAP for SPF’s and I also always make sure I have a lip balm with SPF in too 🙂

    Sarah | More Than Adored