Top Fake Tanners for An Awesome Winter Glow

by Madeleine Borgersen

Winter has well and truly come.

Worried about your naturally Casper shade for the next three months? Never fear! Here are our top fake tanners for an awesome winter glow.

Top Fake Tanners for An Awesome Winter Glow

1. Santorini Sun

A top fake tanner! It’s a spray tan that I recommend you use in the shower or bath – somewhere you can hose down afterwards. Unless you have many clones of yourself cleaning your bathrooms on rotation. It’s green based so doesn’t turn orange and lasts really well!

2. St. Tropez

The Queen of the fake tanning world and for good reason. Gorgeous brown colour, hardly any ‘fake-tan’ smell at all and fades well (read, no blotches – ever).

3. Bondi Sands

My current top fake tanner, it’s a strong competitor to St Tropez and a third of the price. It’s also currently half price again at Priceline!

4. JBronze

For those that prefer a cream tan it’s a great pick. Does fade a little blotchier though so make sure you moisturise and exfoliate alongside use!

5. St. Moriz

Another one of St. Tropez’ children, St Moritz is a fantastic dupe for the pricier tropez, perfect for winter when most of you is covered up anyway!

What are your favourite ‘fake it til you bake it’s? Are you a mousse, cream or spray fan? Any tricks you can recommend?


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