Top Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

by Madeleine Borgersen

Hair a little dry on the ends? With a range of different hair treatments out there it can be a maze to find one that will ditch the dull and bring those ends back to life. Here are our top hair treatments for damaged hair from oil to protein, conditioning and more.

Top Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair1. Top Oil Treatments For Damaged Hair

Great multi-taskers, oil hair treatments add moisture to the hair. From coconut oil to argan oil they come in a variety of forms, all great for nourishing and conditioning your hair and soothing scalp issues like irritation or dryness.

You can use hair treatment oils in a variety of ways to help grow your hair. One is as a pre-wash treatment like Charles Worthington’s Intense Rescue Balm ($17.99), applying oil to your tresses from root to tip, allowing to sink in (a heated towel around your hair during this time speeds up the process) and then simply washing your hair like normal.

After your wash you can add a leave-in layer of oil to your mid-lengths down to restore more moisture. We love the Moroccan Oil ($49.50) for this as it sits right in the sweet spot of being heavy enough for a noticeable smoothing result but not so heavy that it’ll ruin that freshly cleaned look.

Lastly, hair oils like Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oil ($13.99) can be used post styling or on that second or third day of wear to smooth fly-aways and add an extra hit of hydration.

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