Top Illuminators

by Madeleine Borgersen
Top Illuminators

love, love, love a good illuminator! I would probably go so far as to say they’re my favourite beauty item. Yep. I did it. It’s done.

Maybe it’s my fourteen year old coming out, you know the girl that used to wear body glitter on her eyelids because she secretly thought she was part of TLC – yeah, her.

But seriously, they add so much glow and dewyness to your face. They make you look like a diamond, if not a million dollars.

Here are my top illuminators at the moment!

1. NARS – Highlighting Blush – Albatross – $45

This was used on me on a makeup application for a wedding last year and I immediately fell in love! It’s the most gorgeous 
champagne coloured illuminator. It’s not a subtle one though so if you’re looking for something a bit more low-key to get started keep reading below.

2. Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer – #13 – $67

This one was only released a month or two ago and it’s limited edition. It’s so gorgeous. A liquid illuminator with a pearl shimmer. You can apply it quite lightly or really build it up. So lovely!

3. MAC – Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle – $47

My everyday illuminator for a long time. It’s fantastic. Like any other powder illuminator it lasts forever (I’m still on my first). 

4. Benefit – Sun Beam – $45

A liquid illuminator this baby is great in summer when you’re rocking a killer tan. It’s a golden undertone so I don’t tend to wear it as much in winter when I’m paler and pinker.

5. Dior – Amber Diamond – NA

Ok so I cannot for the life of me find this product online to get a link and price for you but it is amazing! It lasts forever and its a really easy-to-use, light illuminator that blends nicely with any skin tone. It’s very similar to MAC’s so if you cannot find it at DJ’s then just go for that one!

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