Top Lip Balms

by Madeleine Borgersen
Top Lip Balms

We’re sliding into the cooler months here in Australia now and one big gripe with the cold weather is dry, chaffing lips. They’re sore, annoying and impossible to put lipstick on. Never fear! This year it’s all going to be different. You’re going to promise yourself to stay on top of your lip maintenance and go out and grab one of these beauties to help you do it!

1. Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment – $4.39

One of the best all-purpose balms out there! Soothing, healing and super moisturising you need one of these in each room of the house!

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy – $3.90

Another oldie, but a goody. I have one of these in my purse for mid-day touch ups especially in the cooler months.

3. Laura Mercier Lip Balm – $35

A splurge but a must for any more bare face lovers. Super nourishing, it’s a fantastic product for plump, soft lips!

4. EOS Lip Balm – $9.97

I love the packaging of the EOS balms. They’re a great balm for anyone that just wants a quick absorbent, non-greasy balm for everyday use. I use this in the mornings straight after cleansing to give a little boost to the lips.

5. Clinique Super Balm – $24

Probably my absolute favourite. Clinique’s super balm has the best packaging, the best formula and the best smell. It’s a bit more expensive than your average balm, so maybe you don’t have two or three around the house, but I definitely recommend investing in one for your bedside table for some pre-sleep repair!

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