Top Makeup Brushes for Your Eyes

by Madeleine Borgersen

I’m definitely no makeup brush nazi. Whenever I can get my fingers dirty I will. The one area I find a good brush crucial, however is the eyes. Able to blend and line like no other here are my top makeup brushes for your eyes!

Top Makeup Brushes for Your Eyes

1. Blending Brush

If you ask any makeup artist for one tip when applying makeup it will most probably be to blend. And then blend again. You can apply colour to a specific area and blend it with ease with a fluffy dome brush.

One of the most versatile brushes you can often see two or three in my currently used brushes some for applying pigment and others for really buffing and blending them in.

2. Liner brush or angled brush

Perfect for applying gel or liquid liner or a hint of pigment to your lower lash line (hey it’s been done!) This pick is an alternative to a pencil dome brush that is a bit more focused and versatile.

The angled brush can also be used to fill eyebrows so if you’re looking to keep your set as minimal as possible opt for it!

3. All over brush

To apply pigment all over the lid or mid section in a quick and effective swoop a traditional eye brush like mac’s 227 can do no wrong. Think of it as the grown up gal’s alternative to those spongey sticks you get with some eyeshadow palettes.

Of course there’s more but these three are a perfect blend (get it?) of compact and versatile. If you could only have three eye brushes in your kit what would they be?

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