How to Use Styling Products Like a Pro, For Salon-Worthy Locks at Home

by Madeleine Borgersen

Love leaving the salon with picture perfect hair but the thought of recreating it at home leaves you a little anxious? We’ve got the top tips from Keune Creative Director and styling extraordinaire Roberto Tarla for how to use those at-home styling products like a pro.

How to Use Styling Products Like a Pro

Wondering how you can achieve salon-worthy locks at home? Here are the top tips to mastering styling products once and for all.

When it Comes to Using Styling Products, Less is More

A common mistake is thinking that you need use a huge amount of product to get the hold or look you are wanting, but the truth is less is more. It is always best to start with a small amount of product, and if you need more you can always build as you go by adding a little more product at a time.

Choose the right styling products

It’s important to choose the right products for your hair type, but also for the style you wish to create. For example, if you have thin, limp hair you should be using products that add volume, like the new Blend Volume Powder and avoid any heavy, or oily products that will just weigh your hair down.

It’s always important to consult with your hairdresser about your hair concerns and how you would like to style your ‘do. They can offer advice on the best products for you to use that will not only look great, but will also be appropriate for your hair type.

How to Use Styling Products Like a Pro

Keune’s Blend range is specially created to layer and create the perfect style and hold for your desired look.

Read the instructions

It’s no good having products if you don’t understand how to use them. Some styling products are meant to be used on wet or dry hair, and some can be used on both. Make sure you read the instructions on the back of the product before using. Also use your hairdressing appointment to consult with your stylist to see how they should be used at home.

Mix Up Your Styling Products

Depending on the style you wish to create you may need more than just one product. Multiple products can be used together to create a particular hairstyle. For example, you may use a de-frizz product on your ends to help smooth flyaways. You could then use a texturizing product on your roots to create movement and volume.

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